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Intro: Fluxum mirum Stadttraum

Project fluxum mirum - Stadttraum deals with the idea of a city as a living organism, an organism that grows, pulses, and responds to stimuli from the environment.

From a human point of view, a city as an organism has double nature - it's the environment in which we live - external, but without human activity would the city not exist. People are also the internal part, people are the city. Therefore, how the organism in the final stage look like is not only given by its physical infrastructure but also equally by the common and everyday life of citizens and users of public and semi-public space.

Living organisms are processing perceptions and impressions that they collected during the day in the night in form of dreams. Situations that were emotionally demanding and remained unprocessed appear again and again, until they are not resolved.

Dreams tend to be various. First, there are surreal dreams that are randomly linking events and objects. Further, dreams that are full of meanings are trying to cope with various deeper memories, traumas or unresolved issues. And then, there are the nightmares.

As the Viennese city organism consists of thousand of minds, it dreams very slowly. Each week one dream, that talks about the small parts and metamorphosis, speaking in one of its languages. 10 surreal dreams.