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Stadttraum (2)

We fell asleep and dreamed such a dream.

A heavy rain started in preparation for the UK royals visit. Air pressure sinks so low that all the rain water drains into the underground. On Schottentor station the biggest city waterfall came into being, flowing around train platforms and filling the yard with water. More and more people are arriving. Train wagons were switched for gondolas in which nobody is turning the back to the others, so they do not miss the chance to look fascinated and carefully on each others hands. U2 is the only line running. Echoes of thousands whispers are multiplying, getting really loud by passing through numerous tunnels. Our heads are rumbling. On the surface again silence, every little thing that makes a sound hides in the underground - small waves, splishing splashing water filling the whole veins system of our body instead of blood. It gets warmer, water starts to evaporate through manholes. Streets are empty. Smoking. It resembles a big black bear after fight in the frost. Scene changes suddenly. We run through a forest, but we have no body. When we realise that, the dream dissolves completely.

And there ends the second dream.


I have heard that past week in Vienna royals from UK visited, Vienna became the best ranked city considering noise pollution, in Favoriten and Ottakring were men attacked with knives and in Meidling was discovered a huge cannabis plantage. And that is a fact.