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Stadttraum (6)

We fell asleep and dreamed such a dream.

We needed to communicate something important to the towns surrounding us, but the signals spreading through our roots failed. We were looking for a way to ignite the fire, but wind was blowing so strong that it always worked just for a little while in the most inappropriate places. We felt, however, that the message was very urgent and we had no choice but to break the showcase of a jewellery and borrow a few diamonds. The foliage caught fire and the smoke began to rise to the sky. At a certain height, however, he stopped, as if he had come across an invisible barrier and stayed hanging. Our encrypted message remains readable only to the sender. We shout out of sleep and wake to our own voice, but what we have exactly said is vanishing rapidly, so we cannot recall it anymore, but can still feel how pressing it felt being unable to communicate.

And there ends the sixth dream.


I have heard that past week in Vienna someone tried to rob the juwellery in Innenstadt by smashing with a car against the showcase, there was a fire in Favoriten, men attacked policemen with a fan in Leopoldstadt. And that is a fact.